Part One : Botox and beyond: A man’s perspective on cometic procedures

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When I was in my 20s I laughed when my buddies went with their wives for manicures. Pedicures, facials, skin care products, that’s for women!

In my 30s I started to appreciate the occasional massage and facial my wife would schedule for me. I always felt a little better about myself with my pores cleaned out and everything nicely hydrated. I looked better, I felt better. I stopped laughing about those manicures and pedicures.

In my 40’s I was met with some pretty significant life changes. Divorce was one, then re-entering the dating world. Career changes were another. Losing your job and divorce can take you to a really low point. The only thing I could do was re-group and go on.

As I started interviewing with companies for positions I was more than qualified for, I was struck by how young everyone seemed. Where were the wrinkles and creases? The sun spots and double chins? And why did everyone seem to have more hair than me? I didn’t really think I was that much older, I just LOOKED much older.

I had been a patient of Dr. Atkin’s for years. She had treated a skin cancer on my shoulder and removed some pre-skin cancers from my face. I decided she was the person that could help me look and feel better.
At my consultation, I was surprised to learn that a lot of men felt the way I did. And more men that ever were seeking cosmetic treatments. Laser, Botox, Filler and treatments like CoolSculpting were common for guys just like me.

Dr. Atkin suggested we pick two things that really stood out to me. That was too easy, so I came up with three. My skin was blotchy and I had deep lines next to my nose. I was also hated that I had developed a double chin. When I looked in the mirror I felt like I was looking at my dad!

Dr. Atkin and I talked about the treatments that would give me the results I was looking for, but she was firm in the fact that I needed to start an at-home skin care program to maintain my skin’s health and maintain any results we achieved.

Dr. Atkin suggested Voluma XC for the creases on my face. She said Voluma XC would give me more structure in the upper face where I had lost volume and a little bit of lift. The loss of volume was contributing to my aging appearance. The Voluma XC would also decrease the appearance of my nasal labial folds. I’ll admit, I have never been a fan of needles and the thought of this was not one enjoyed,
but I thought I would enjoy it more than seeing my dad when I looked in the mirror!

Treatment was pretty easy. The nurse applied a topical numbing cream to make it more comfortable and after a few quick injections, I was done. Dr. Atkin handed me a mirror and I was amazed to see an immediate change. The creases were minimized, and my upper cheeks were fuller and looked like they did in my 30’s.

I was primed to tackle my blotchy skin and double chin, but that had to wait for my next appointment.

Stay tuned for Part Two of Botox and beyond: A man’s perspective on cometic procedures.

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