Six tips for treating “Maskne”

When the mask comes off, no one wants to see the maskne underneath. As face masks have become a big part of our new norrmal, mask-ne has become a very common complaint. The need to wear a mask is important in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and outweighs any inconvenience... Continue Reading

Dermal Infusion for dry winter skin

One thing we know for sure in the world of skin care, winter is synonymous with dry skin.  With colder temperatures comes dryer air, roaring fireplaces and heaters that are switched to the “on” position. All of which mean your skin will become dehydrated. You will see fine lines that... Continue Reading

Acne: What is an acne surgery?

At Dermatology & Laser of Del Mar we offer a multi-faceted  approach to treating acne. Acne is not a “one size fits all” condition and we have found over time and with experience that each patient’s treatment plan needs to be customized to their individual skin needs.  Different factors are... Continue Reading

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