Unwanted Facial Veins

Unwanted Facial Veins

As many of us age, we begin to notice the appearance of facial veins. These may be small, telangectasias, or spider veins. Others may have more noticable bulging blue facial (reticular) veins.

While these veins can often be associated with age, trauma to the skin or sun damage, they are not harmful. However, can become more pronounced and branch out into larger formations over time. They can also cause diffuse facial redness similar to rosacea. 

At Dermatology & Laser of Del Mar, Deborah H. Atkin, M.D., treats all types of facial veins with a combination of the VBeam Perfecta, and the GentleMax YAG Laser. 

The VBeam system is a pulsed dye laser that is used to treat a variety of vascular skin conditions and can quickly and effectively treat telangectasias or “spider veins”.


Before and after 1 treatment of VBeam for telangectasias and diffuse facial redness


For those deeper, more stubborn veins, such as the blue veins that often appear on the forehead or around the eye area, the GentleMax YAG laser is a safe highly effective treatment option. 

FAQs about Unwanted Facial Veins:

Is it dangerous to treat these veins?

No it is not. The heat from the laser causes these veins to coagulate, stopping the blood flow through them. The blood will find deeper routes to take and the process of circulation will continue.

Reticular facial veins, such as this, can be safely and effectively treated with the GentleMax YAG laser

Will I  bruise from treatment?

You may rarely  have some small round bruising, the diameter of a pencil eraser. This usually resolves in 3-5 days and can be easily covered

Is the laser treatment painful?

The VBeam is a comfortable treatment. It is a quick, cool pulse of energy. The coolness comes from a Dynamic Cooling Device that is part of the treatment and is used to cool the surface skin for comfort. 

The Yag has a similar cooling device build into the laser. Once again it is a quick pulse of laser energy with cooling and is easily tolerated. 

How many treatments will I  need to have?

Anywhere from 1-4 treatments, depending on the condition of your skin and the severity of the veins. Even one treatment will improve the veins, but to achieve the best outcome Dr. Atkin may recommend more. 

For more information about treating your unwanted facial veins, or to schedule a consultation, contact us. 

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