Fat Dissolving and Body Shaping Treatments

Board-certified San Diego dermatologist Deborah H. Atkin, MD and our team are pleased to introduce CoolSculpting®, an innovative, non-surgical procedure for reducing unwanted fat. CoolSculpting® uses a patented method called Cryolipolysis™ to precisely target and destroy fat cells in problem areas for dramatically smoother contours without surgery!

How CoolSculpting® Works

During the procedure, a non-invasive applicator uses a gentle vacuum pressure to draw the skin and fat cells between cooling panels. CoolSculpting® then cools the fat cells. The cells crystalize and those cells break apart and are safely metabolized by the body over a period of weeks after your treatment leaving surrounding cells unaffected. Clinical trials show that eliminating fat with CoolSculpting® is safe and effective and does not harm the skin.

  • This is not a surgical procedure
  • There is no downtime
  • No anesthesia is required
  • There is minimal discomfort associated with this procedure
  • CoolSculpting® is designed to target areas of fat that are difficult to address with diet and exercise alone, including love handles, abdomen, hips and thighs
  • CoolSculpting® is not intended to treat obesity
Did You Know?Fat cells are uniquely susceptible to extreme cold. CoolSculpting® is a patented technology that harnesses the power of cold to reduce fat in the targeted areas.

What Can I Expect from CoolSculpting®?

Effective fat reduction without surgery, anesthesia, or downtime. CoolSculpting® focuses on areas of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise, eliminating excess fat deposits without harming the surrounding skin.

  • Length of Time for Procedure? 1-2 hours, depending on the number of areas treated
  • What is the Recovery Time? There is no downtime with this procedure and you may return to full activity immediately. In rare cases, temporary bruising may occur in the treatment area. You may also experience mild tenderness for a few days to weeks after treatment.
  • Final Results of the Procedure? Patients will notice an improvement in the area in approximately 3 weeks. The full benefit can be seen in 2-3 months. While results occur with a single treatment, results are additive with additional treatments.
  • Other Treatments or Skincare Products that May Improve My Result? Patients having CoolSculpting® may also consider Thermage® to firm and tighten the skin.

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What Are the Different CoolSculpting® Devices?

To target certain body areas or concerns, a specially designed CoolSculpting® applicator or device may be utilized. At Dermatology & Laser of Del Mar, our team offers multiple CoolSculpting® devices to provide enhanced treatment outcomes, including the following: 

CoolMini™ for Double Chin Reduction

The CoolMini™ applicator has been carefully designed in size and shape to provide better contact with smaller areas, like under the chin and on the neck. Excess fat tends to accumulate in these areas, also known as submental fat or a “double chin,” which can be effectively treated using the handheld device. CoolMini can also be used to treat other trouble areas around the body, including anterior bra fat and above the knees and the belly button.

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CoolTone™ for Muscle Toning

Unlike other CoolSculpting® treatments that use cooling energy to reduce excess fat, the CoolTone™ device contours the body by targeting and toning muscles in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. The system uses magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to cause muscles to involuntarily contract, which leads to the body strengthening these muscle fibers. This treatment is cleared by the FDA to tone, firm, and strengthen the abdominal muscles. CoolTone™ is also indicated for toning muscles in the thighs and buttocks for improved definition.

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How Can the ZWave PRO Enhance My CoolSculpting Results?

At Dermatology & Laser of Del Mar, we are fortunate to have the ZWave PRO as an integral part of our body contouring center. The ZWave PRO is an acoustic wave device designed to strengthen connective tissue and stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage. ZWave PRO is used across Europe and the U.S. as a treatment for cellulite. However, studies have shown that it is a powerful addition to the CoolSculpting process.

ZWave PRO’s acoustic waves are applied to the CoolSculpting treatment area post procedure. The acoustic waves are delivered into the tissue, jump-starting the fat degradation process.

The ZWave PRO not only increases the percentage of fat loss, but accelerates the post-procedure healing process and mobilizes the lymphatic system to reduce post-procedure discomfort and bloating.

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What Will My CoolSculpting® Results Look Like?





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How Much Will My CoolSculpting® Cost?

It depends on the number of areas we are treating and the amount of fat in each area. We offer a free consultation to give you the best idea.

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Additional Frequently Asked Questions About CoolSculpting®

To help you determine if CoolSculpting® is right for you, Deborah H. Atkin, MD has provided answers to additional frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this popular procedure. For additional information, please contact our practice to schedule a consultation.

If I have CoolSculpting on my abdomen will the fat move to another area of my body?

No. The affected fat cells will be excreted out through your urine or burned as energy. Those fat cells are gone, but if you were to gain weight in the future you may notice the weight being evenly distributed over other body areas or actually becoming more preferentially heavier in another area.

Will I see a result when I go home that day?

No. It will take about one month to see any improvement, then you will continue to see incremental improvements for up to 6 months post-treatment.

What is the difference between CoolSculpting® and VANQUISH ME™?

CoolSculpting® destroys fat cells by using a patented Cryolipolysis™ (cold) system. The controlled temperature affects the fat cells, but does not adversely affect the skin, the skin will just get cold, then warm up once the device is removed. CoolSculpting® has been FDA approved and used to treat patients in the US since 2009. So, it has the longest track record and safety profile of any fat reduction device.

VANQUISH ME™ uses a radiofrequency panel to cause a heat reaction that thins the fat cell wall, causing lipids to leak and the cells to collapse. While the heat is controlled, it can become quite warm and hard to tolerate. It is generally a series of treatments, 4-6, which typically are performed weekly.

VANQUISH ME™ is a newer technology; it’s been available in the US since 2014.

In our practice, we have experience with both CoolSculpting® and VANQUISH ME™ and found that the patient experience and effectiveness of CoolSculpting® surpassed that of VANQUISH ME™.

Will I have loose skin after my CoolSculpting® treatment?

CoolSculpting® will not cause loose skin, but if you have laxity in the area we are treating you may notice the loose skin more after the fat has been treated. Most times the skin will retract back naturally after it has been unweighted through treatment. If you are wanting additional improvement or tightening in the treatment area we can discuss a combination of Thermage® or VelaShape® along with your CoolSculpting®.

Do you have additional questions? Contact our office or schedule a consultation with Deborah H. Atkin, M.D.