The Perfect “Del Mar” Peel

I  have had more chemical peels and laser treatments than I care to admit. It started in high school, with my first dermatologist. He recommended a light peel to help calm my inflammatory acne. My mother had to drag me to the office,  kicking and screaming. I  mean, they wanted... Continue Reading

What is a Full Body Skin Exam?

A Full Body Skin Exam is exactly what it sounds like. It is an opportunity for your Dermatologist, or Dermatologic P.A.-C to examine you skin from head-to-toe and look for any abnormal appearing moles or pigmented spots.   Doctor, dermatologist, hands examines a birthmark of patient.... Continue Reading

Introducing the NEW Alex TriVantage Laser

Do you have brown spots, sun damage, unwanted tattoos or birthmarks? Alex TriVantage Laser may be the solution for you.  A new spin on an established technology, the Alex TriVantage Laser is a safe and effective treatment for brown pigmented lesions and unwanted, unsightly dark tattoos. ... Continue Reading

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