Miracu PDO Thread Lift

Deborah H. Atkin, M.D., and the professional staff of Dermatology & Laser of Del Mar take pride in offering innovative aesthetic procedures available to give our patients the results they are looking for. This includes the latest addition to our armamentarium of state of the art procedures, Miracu Polydioxanone (PDO) threads.

PDO threads are dissolvable, biostimulatory threads which are placed into the desired treatment area to add volume, lift the skin, give contour or smooth out lines, wrinkling and crepey skin.

The procedure involves “injecting” the thread into dermis using an extremely small, thin cannula, then smoothing the thread to activate it.


PDO thread lift can be a great alternative for patients wanting to refresh their appearance, but are not yet ready for the cost and downtime of a facelift or neck lift. The PDO threads can be used in conjunction with laser treatments, dermal fillers and other collagen stimulating procedures.

Thread lifts have been around since the 1990s, but innovations in the material used for thread lifts have led to an increase in popularity in recent years. The Miracu PDO threads provide a natural appearance, like that of the sugar thread lift, and in addition to the immediate aesthetic benefit, has an impressive anti aging benefit.


Miracu PDO MONO Threads

Miracu PDO MONO Threads are tiny biostimulatory threads which can be used on the face, neck or chest to decrease lines and wrinkles and stimulate collagen. These are perfect for those individuals looking for a gradual, subtle result, or to prevent emerging lines and wrinkles from deepening over time.

Mono Threads are just one of Eva Mendez’s secrets to looking great!

How long do the threads last?

The threads generally last 6-12 months, but that doesn’t mean you will lose all benefit. As the placed threads are dissolving, your own collagen and elastin are being stimulated to fill in gaps in sagging or wrinkled skin.

Who is a good candidate for PDO thread lift?

A person who is generally in good health and is just starting to notice the signs of aging may benefit the most from the subtle impact of a thread lift. Many patients that consult with our San Diego dermatology office for thread lift are not yet ready for surgical face lift or simply want to augment other non-invasive procedures they have had, without looking “overdone”.

Does the procedure hurt?

You may feel a bit of pressure or a “tugging” sensation as the PDO threads are placed. We inject a small amount of lidocaine to numb the treatment area and this helps to keep the procedure more than tolerable.

Can I still have laser procedures or dermal fillers if I have had PDO threads ?

Absolutely! It is recommended that you wait 1 month to allow for that initial collagen remodeling before any laser procedures in the treated area. PDO thread lift is the perfect compliment to Ultherapy, RF Microneedling and Dermal Fillers.

How long is the treatment? Are there any limitations after treatment?

The treatment takes 30-60 minutes. Length of treatment will depend on number of areas being treated and number of threads to be placed.

We suggest that you avoid any dental work for 2 weeks before or after treatment. Avoid hard chewing, massaging the area, or big facial expressions for the first few days after treatment.

For more information about Miracu PDO Threads, or to schedule a consultation, contact us.

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