Introducing Lumivive – YOUR POLLUTION SOLUTION

Introducing Lumivive – The Pollution Solution for your skin

Your skin is important, after all it is the largest organ of the body and it is what “holds it all together”, so to speak. 

We have long been aware of the threat of environmental pollution to your skin. Smog, UVA, UVB and UVC rays from the sun that causes pre cancerous changes, thinning of the skin and vascular changes. But, did you know that the cumulativ effect of radiation from our cell phone, television screens and computer monitors can damage your skin’s DNA?  Electronic radiation can cause your skin to age prematurely. Your skin starts to appear older and less vibrant and physiological changes will occur. This is a very real and serious risk. 

With the ever growing risk of skin damage from electronic radiation and environmental factors,  we need to assess our lifestyles and skin care routines. It’s important to form a line of defense against these harmful conditions and create a regimen to restore your skin’s health. 

With this in mind, SkinMedica recently launched a groundbreaking new product, Lumivive.

Lumivive is a “multitasking” skin care product that protects and restores your skin.

With a simple application in the morning (under your sun protection and moisturizer) and one at night, those that have used Lumivive report seeing a change in their skin in as few as two weeks. 

Lumivive is a silky, cosmetically elegant serum that absorbs quickly into your skin, forming a strong dermal bio-barrier all day. At night, it’s designed to restore your skin by empowering rapid dermal recovery as you sleep. 


Here at Dermatology & Laser of Del Mar, we want to encourage you to try Lumivive to restore and maintain your skin’s health. In October, purchase your Lumivive System and receive a FREE HA5 Rejuvenation Hydrator ($120.00 value) 

Call or come by to get started with Lumivive.


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