Dermal Infusion for dry winter skin

One thing we know for sure in the world of skin care, winter is synonymous with dry skin. 

With colder temperatures comes dryer air, roaring fireplaces and heaters that are switched to the “on” position. All of which mean your skin will become dehydrated. You will see fine lines that you didn’t notice before. Your skin will look dull, lifeless and your pores will become more clogged than normal.  

Acne flare-ups are also common during dry winter months. With dryness, comes microscopic fissures in the skin that can allow bacteria to breach the skins barrier. In order to counteract the dryness your skin will begin to produce extra sebum (oil). Bacteria plus oil will equal acne. Lastly, your skin is likely to become sensitive and irritated.

To combat dry, winter skin we have the perfect solution, Dermal Infusion. Dermal Infusion is a multi-purpose hyrdodermabrasion treatment that will super hydrate your skin, soothe your dry irritated skin, reduce clogged pores and acne flare ups. Dermal infusion will bring dull lifeless skin back to life!

Heather Clarey, LE

How does Dermal Infusion work?

Dermal infusion combines exfoliation, extraction, and serum infusion in one swift step. In addition to exfoliating, it removes pore clogging debris, and infuses your skin with specialty serums to hydrate, clarify and brighten your skin. After your treatment your skin will be rejuvenated, looking brighter, feeling softer and smoother.
Dermal infusion treatments are quick, about 45 minutes, and are performed by our medical esthetician Heather Clarey, LE. Heather has years of experience in medical skin care and

hyrdodermabrasion (Dermal infusion especially) is one of her specialties.  With Heather, your skin could not be in better hands. 

January Dermal Infusion Special
In January Heather wants to help you with your skin care resolutions by offering 20% OFF your Dermal Infusion treatment.
If you purchase a package of three Dermal Infusions not only will you lock in the 20% savings, but as an added bonus you will receive a SkinMedica travel bag LOADED with trial size products that will help you get started on a year of great looking skin. 
Contact our office to schedule your Dermal Infusion and save!
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