Product Spotlight: Lumivive

I  am a pessimist when it comes to new skin care products. I  am a firm believer that NOTHING works, until I  see it work.  So, when SkinMedica rolled out Lumivive, touting it as the next generation in skin care, I  predictably rolled my eyes. 

SkinMedica describes Lumivive as a “multitasking” skin care product that protects and restores your skin. The truth is, with
the ever growing risk of skin damage from electronic radiation and environmental factors, you need to form a line of defense against these harmful conditions and create a regimen to restore your skin’s health.  But is Lumivive the solution?

I  decided I  would give Lumivive the chance to show me what it could do for my skin. I faithfully applied my Lumivive morning and night, used my moisturizer and sunscreen and waited for the results. 

After 2 weeks I  noticed that a darkened patch on my driver side cheek had lightened significantly. I  also noticed that the chronic redness on my cheek and nose had improved. After 4 weeks I  realized my skin in general looked, younger, healthier and felt better. 

Since then I  have added a retinol at night and a growth factor to my regimen. I have also upped my sunscreen game to include Total Defense and Repair, a sunscreen and anti-aging product in one that protects agains infrared damage that can cause redness and irritation. 

My routine:


  1. Cleanse. 
  2. TNS Recovery Complex
  3. Lumivive- Day Formula
  4. Total Defense and Repair


  1. Cleanse
  2. TNS Recovery Complex
  3. Lumivive Night Formula
  4. Retinol Complex 
  5. Moisturize ( I  alternate between Cerave and Dermal Repair by SkinMedica)

My skin is looking healthier and happier than it has in a long time! I  can honestly say Lumivive works!

For more information about Lumivive, or to schedule a complimentary skin care consultation with Heather Clarey, licensed medical esthetician, contact us. 

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