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I decided a long time ago that I didn’t like my arms. While Nora Ephron took an exception to her neck, my arms were the bane of my existence. I remember a time when they were shapely, toned and the skin was soft. I wouldn’t think twice about a capped sleeve blouse or a tank top. It’s not that my arms are horrible, they are still strong and allow me to do all things I enjoy. They just look OLDER and that’s a problem because I don’t FEEL older.

I started researching treatments to improve the look of my arm skin. I increased my upper body workouts and found myself lingering in the skin care aisle reading the labels on all the different skin firming creams. And those wiggly little fat bulges! Where did those come from? What would make those disappear?

I started researching treatments and topicals for firming the skin and melting the fat. There are so many different things on the market that it’s very overwhelming. Do you do a laser or peel? Is radio frequency better than the Ultrasound tightening? It’s enough to make your head spin. At my monthly book club meeting I went off topic and asked if any of them had ever had skin tightening treatments. The answer was a loud YES! I learned that Ultrasound skin tightening worked well for one for person’s neck and jawline and that another had a laser resurfacing on her face with Fraxel and was pleased with the results. I also got recommendations for a dermatologist, Dr. Atkin.

At my consultation we discussed my arms, the laxity and fat bulges. Dr. Atkin recommended I start a Glycolic body lotion to help with the skin texture. The fat bulges would be treated with CoolSculpting, a treatment that freezes fat, kills the fat cells and returns some of the sculpted appearance to my arms. We also scheduled time for Ultherapy, ultrasound skin tightening.

The CoolSculpting was very easy to do. A hand piece was attached to the arm, on the flabbiest part, and the device went to work freezing my fat cells. It was quick, about 30 minutes and aside from a bit of an aching sensation it was comfortable. The best part of my appointment was catching up on my favorite TV show on the flat screen. It was truly a Netflix and chill afternoon.

The next week I returned to the office for step two in my treatment plan, Ultherapy. A topical numbing cream was massaged on to my arms and I took some Tylenol before we started to help with discomfort. It wasn’t exactly relaxing, but it certainly wasn’t terrible. I would feel a quick hot sensation every so often, but it would be over quickly. My skin got pretty red and sort of puffy looking, but it wasn’t uncomfortable after. I felt like my arms looked a little better right after I left!

I came back into the office 2 months after treatment for a skin cancer check up and they took post treatment pictures for me to see my progress. It was definitely better, but I understood I would continue to see changes. At home I noticed the sleeves in my blouses and jackets fit better and that I wasn’t always aware of the little bulges of fat that I had become so accustom to trying to hid. The texture and over all color of my skin looked smoother and fresher, thanks to the Glypro Glycolic lotion.

At my 5 month post treatment follow up appointment we looked at my before and after photos and I was really impressed with how much improvement I saw. I am such a believer in Ultherapy that I am going to have my lower face and chest treated. I might even come back for another Netflix and chill session to sculpt my inner thighs.

— Marta D , A VERY satisfied patient

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