CoolSculpting FAQ’s


CoolSculpting is one of the most popular treatments at our Del Mar dermatology practice.More and more patients, both male and female, are inquiring about treatments to reduce unwanted pockets of fat. Often these areas are unaffected by diet and exercise. This type of fat is referred to as “lifestyle resistant fat”.


Here are some of the most common questions CoolSculpting asked by patients.

What is CoolSculpting?
CoolSculpting is treatment for the reduction of unwanted fat bulges.
The patented CoolSculpting handpiece reduces the temperature of the treatment area to a degree that the lipids inside those fat cells (in that treated area) solidify, killing those fat cell. Once apoptosis (fat cell death) occurs your body breaks the cells downs the rest of the way and metabolizes them out of the body.
How many treatments will I need?
It depends on how large of an area or how many areas you wish to treat. On average it is between 1-4 treatment cycles per area. An example would be abdomen may take up to 4 treatment cycles and the inner thighs may only require 2 cycles. This is a question we can answer in a one-on-one consultation.

What happens to the fat, where does it go?
Once fat cells freeze, the cellular activity ceases and the cells in effect die. Your body then goes to work to break the fat cells done and you either burn them as energy or excrete them out through your urine. Either way you the fat lose is permanent in that area.

It is important to note that you will never be preferentially heavier in those treatment areas moving forward. If you were to gain a significant amount of weight you would notice that it tends to collect in other areas.
If I do a lot of CoolSculpting will my cholesterol get higher?
That is an excellent question quite a few of my patients ask! The answer is no. The increase in lipids filtered through the liver is equal to eating a few McDonalds french fries.
How many inches am I going to lose?
It varies person-to-person. On average, patients can see up to a 30% reduction in the fat pad PER TREATMENT CYCLE. The results are additive, so if you treat an area and want a bit more of a result you can re-treat the area. Many times we treat to de-bulk an area, then retreat in 2-3 months (after final results are achieved) to sculpt the area.

Will I lose weight from my CoolSculpting treatment?
No, this is for contouring the areas treated, it will not cause your weight to drop. However, many patients in our practice use CoolSculpting to jump start their diet and exercise initiatives. The synergist effect of CoolSculpting can be quite impressive when used along with increased exercise and a sensible eating plan.
Can I have CoolSculpting instead of dieting or working out?
You could, but remember you are going to get the best result if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and are active. If you use CoolSculpting as a “license to indulge” you will not see the results you desire.
I saw the at-home fat freezing machine on Groupon, is it the same as CoolSculpting?
No. The at home treatments do not reached the temperatures necessary to create apoptosis (cellular death). Furthermore, with procedures such as CoolSculpting it is best performed in a medical office under the supervision of a physician.
How does it compare to other fat reduction treatments?
There are many fat reduction devices on the market that use different mechanisms to reduce fat. CoolSculpting is our treatment of choice because it is the FIRST FDA approved procedure for permanent fat reduction. It has a long established track record of successful treatments and proven results.
That is not to say that other modalities don’t work. We find that CoolSculpting is an excellent choice because of the ability to customize the treatment. In our practice we also tend to combine treatment modalities to yield the best possible results.
If you have further questions about CoolSculpting, or would like to schedule a one-on-one consultation, contact us at (858)350-7546


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