5 Major Benefits of Ulthera® for Skin Rejuvenation

woman3Ulthera® is a non-surgical treatment designed to tighten facial tissue through deep heating of the skin. Using ultrasound energy, the innovative treatment works to stimulate the growth of both existing and new collagen. The Ultherapy® process proves to be a great alternative to surgical procedures, while still providing noticeably rejuvenated skin. According to Dr. Deborah Atkin, patients who undergo Ulthera® can often look forward to the following benefits:

1. Ulthera® is a non-invasive procedure.
The advanced treatment rejuvenates the skin without the need for surgery. Ulthera® is the only firming and tightening procedure using focused ultrasound technology.

2. The treatment can be customized to the individual’s needs.
The ultrasound device allows Dr. Atkin to customize the treatment by adjusting the depth of energy as well as the length of treatment. Additionally, the procedure works very well when combined with resurfacing or injectable treatments, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic or Restylane®.

3. No downtime is typically needed following the procedure.
While some people may experience mild redness or swelling immediately following their treatment, Ulthera® typically requires no downtime. This results from its non-invasive nature.

4. Patients can achieve a natural-looking enhancement.
Ulthera® causes gradual tightening of the tissue through collagen stimulation, resulting in a very natural look. This can cause anti-aging results without the risks and healing issues related to surgery.

5. Results are long lasting.
While it generally takes about two to three months to see optimal results, patients will often continue to see improvement over time.

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