Dermal Infusion Hydrodermabrasion

It goes without saying that our skin is the first thing that people notice about us. In order to put your best face forward,  regular skin care maintenance with a qualified, medically trained esthetician is a must. At Dermatology & Laser of Del Mar, Heather Clarey, LE, our medical esthetician, provides a variety of skin care services that keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Among the procedures performed by Heather is Dermal Infusion, also known as Hydrodermabrasion. 

Dermal Infusion / Hydrodermabrasion treatments provide deeply hydrated, firmer, smoother, and healthier looking skin in as little as one treatment.

Dermal Infusion / Hydrodermabrasion Procedure

Dermal Infusion  is one of the most popular Hydrodermabrasion treatments available.  Hydrating, water based  serums are dispersed through a handpiece at high velocity, against the skin. This  action causes the dead skin cells to break up, exfoliating effortlessly and leaving the skin looking and feeling rejuvenated. Once the dead skin cell layer is removed the nourishing serums that are dispensed penetrate the skin to further improve the skin’s color tone and texture. 


Benefits of  Dermal Infusion / Hydrodermabrasion

 Dermal Infusion / Hydrodermabrasion  treatments are highly effective for:

  • improved skin texture and tone
  • reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • deeper hydration of the skin
  • improved blood flow leading to collagen production
  • improved uneven pigmentation
  • skin congestion, blackhead, etc.

“ I  especially love performing Dermal Infusion treatments for my acne patients. The clarifying serum breaks down and removes pore clogging oil and black heads. If there is a need for manual extraction after the Dermal Infusion, the clogging is so effortlessly removed. It’s very rewarding to see the fast and predictable results we get with Dermal Infusion” – Heather Clarey, LE, medical esthetician

Dermal Infusion / Hydrodermabrasion is also used as an antiaging treatment. The increased blood flow and deep hydration to the skin assists in the stimulation of new collagen. This offsets the constant breakdown of collagen that we suffer as a result of intrinsic aging and environmental factors such as pollution and UVA/ UVB rays.

To schedule a Dermal Infusion treatment with Heather Clarey, LE or for more information contact us. 

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