Staff Pick : Lita

 Staff Pick Lita

Favorite Product:

How do I  choose just one? Intellishade Original by Revisions Skin Care is my go-to sunscreen. I  wear it daily, it is actually what I 
use for my make up foundation. It’s tinted and the tint matches all skin tones. It is super hydrating, does not clog pores and has potent anti aging properties.  I  recommend this product to everyone!


I also LOVE, LOVE,  LOVE SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream. I consider this my skin’s daily dose of multivitamin. I use it morning and night, especially in the winter. I tend to have very dry skin and Dermal Repair keeps my skin looking and FEELING healthy, hydrated and happy.




Favorite Procedure:

My personal favorite is Botox for my platysmal neck bands, jawline and in my lower face to elevate my mouth corners.

I  suffer from Bruxism, which means I  grind my teeth.  Botox reduces my ability to clench my jaw, so I  don’t grind my teeth the way I  used to.

Example of Botox in the Master Muscle for Bruxism

also have very pronounced neck bands. The neck bands tend to pull the skin forward and over time has given my neck a bit of a saggy appearance. It also relaxes the neck bands giving me more contour in my neck and jawline. I think it actually makes my neck look longer!

Example of Botox used to treat Platysmal Neck bands

When I have my DEPRESSOR ANGULI ORIS muscle (the facial muscle associated with frowning) treated it elevates my mouth corners, essentially “turning my frown upside down”. It gives you a more relaxed, approachable appearance. It also reduces the appearance of your marionette lines.

Example of result from Botox in the Depressor Anguli Oris

For these types of Botox treatment we usually recommend 2-3 times a year. There is no downtime, although I  have gotten a couple small bruises in the past. I    notice a difference after about 3-7 days. 

For more information about Intellishade, SkinMedica Dermal Repair or to schedule a Botox consultation / treatment, contact us

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