The Perfect “Del Mar” Peel

I  have had more chemical peels and laser treatments than I care to admit. It started in high school, with my first dermatologist. He recommended a light peel to help calm my inflammatory acne. My mother had to drag me to the office,  kicking and screaming. I  mean, they wanted to peel my skin off!!!!!! 

After the nurse calmed me down and the esthetician smoothed on a tingly solution with a gauze pad they explained how this would help to dry out my acne cysts and pimples. My blackheads would come closer to the surface so they could steam my skin and gently remove them. As they explained, if I  would be patient, and allow the peel to do what I needed it to, my skin would start to look better. They were right and I  was HOOKED!

Fast forward into my 20s and the issue at hand was STILL the acne, but to a much lesser degree,  and residual scars from the teenage cystic outbreaks. 

In my 30s I  found lasers. Smoothbeam and VBeam to finally clear that acne, Photofacial to get rid of redness and emerging brown spots and laser hair removal for my under arms, legs, and my unfortunate lady-stache. But with all those lovely light based treatments, I  still love a good chemical peel.

My current go-to is the Perfect “Del Mar” Peel. This mild-yet-potent skin perfecting peel is a blend of seven Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Resorcinol and Retinol. It also contains a restorative blend of antioxidants to calm, nourish and promote healthier skin.


The Perfect “Del Mar” Peel is in-fact perfect because it changes your skin. It makes it smoother, softer, brighter and firmer without irritation or discomfort. Your skin will look great immediately, however you will experience some flaking and peeling for a few short days.




Moisturizing, gentle cleansing and sunscreen is all that is required for post care. I  actually found that with a thorough application of moisturizer and tinted sunscreen no one could tell I  was peeling and my make up went on smooth as ever. 

You can have the Perfect “Del Mar” Peel performed according to the strength your skin needs. That is another thing I loved about it. I could ask the esthetician to adjust the strength of the treatment according to how much peeling I could tolerate, and how much improvement I  wanted.



My Esthetician, Heather, and I decided on a series of four peels, with one month in-between. For my at-home regimen I  am using SkinMedica’s HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator and TNS Essential Serum. Of course I  am also using an SPF and moisturizing daily. 

The Perfect “Del Mar” Peel is helping me keep my skin Perfectly happy and glowing! 

To schedule your Perfect “Del Mar” Peel, contact us. 

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