June is Acne Awareness Month

AcneTeenagers, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s…

One of the number one reasons patients are seen by a dermatologist at any age is acne vulgaris.

Acne is frustrating and embarrassing for both teenagers and adults. Acne doesn’t have to be “a part of growing up!” There are many great options available to you, regardless of your age. At Dermatology and Laser of Del Mar we have several great options to treat acne and keep your face looking its best!

Topical prescription medications remain a popular method for treating acne. Consistency is an important part of topical treatments being effective. Topical antibiotics, retinoids, moisturizers, toners and cleansers can all be used to combat acne. Dermatology and Laser of Del Mar offer SkinMedica products for treating acne, including a Purifying Cleanser and Purifying Toner that we believe to be of great help when fighting acne topically.

Oral antibiotics are a common treatment for resistant acne and moderate to severe cases of acne. Some patients choose to defer oral antibiotics so Dermatology and Laser of Del Mar offers Clear Skin Vitamins as a very effective natural, oral option. Accutane is the last resort for severe, resistant acne cases.

Smoothbeam/Vbeam Perfecta laser combination is a wonderful “medicine free” treatment for both active acne and acne scarring. This treatment, performed by Dr. Atkin, is one of the most popular laser treatments in our office.

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