Introducing Volbella

Fine lines above and/or around the lips are a common patient complaint at our Del Mar dermatology practice. No one likes them, and everyone wants to get rid of them. If they become too deep your lipstick bleeds into them, appearing unsightly, and of course there is the connotation that they are caused by smoking.

Laser can help stimulate collagen and plump the area, reducing and preventing the lines. Botox® is often used to reduce the muscle activity that creates them. And now we have Volbella®️ to fill and smooth and soften these unwanted, undesired lines.

Before and After Volbella XC

Before and After Volbella XC

Volbella®️ XC is the latest in Allergan’s already robust portfolio of injectables designed to enhance and maintain a youthful appearance. Volbella®️’s thin, aqueous consistency is designed to fill small spaces, without over filling and giving a thick or lumpy appearance. This makes it perfect for upper and lower lip lines, necklace lines and even forehead lines. Results are immediate and long lasting. It can be used alone to fine tune your appearance, or in combination with Botox, Juvederm XC and Voluma XC to give an overall lifting and plumping.

For more information about Volbella®️, or to schedule your treatment with Dr. Atkin contact our office.

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