Staff Spotlight: Meet Vanessa


Vanessa is the latest addition to our Derm Del Mar family, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  She has built a successful career as an esthetician over the last decade. Her knowledge and expertise is unparalleled. Vanessa also has a warm and caring way about her that patients and co-workers gravitate too. 

Vanessa was born and raised in Los Angeles and came to San Diego over a decade ago. She is the proud mother of two girls and enjoys spending her time off biking with her daughters, hunting for antiques, swing dancing and singing. 

Skin Type: Normal-to-dry

Favorite Treatment: I  LOVE the Dermal Infusion (Diamond Glow). It makes your skin feel so clean and fresh. It’s great for hydrating, toning and rejuvating the skin. 

Favorite Product:

My favorite product is Skinmedica’s TNS serum. It’s result oriented and great for anti-aging. I would recommend it to anyone that is concerned with premature aging.

Tips or tricks: Never sleep with your makeup on. Always use a silk pillow case and train yourself to sleep on your back.

Favorite Quote:

“Always have a teachable spirit.”

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