Cool Fat Reduction – The Latest Technology in Fat Removal

In September the Food and Drug Administration gave the green light on a cool weight loss and body sculpting treatment. Dermatology & Laser of Del Mar would like to introduce you to Cool Sculpting by ZELTIQ, a non-invasive way to treat those unwanted bulges! ZELTIQ’s non-surgical technology helps you get rid of those unwanted bulges with little to no discomfort, and no downtime! The patented ZELTIQ hand piece applies vacuum pressure and cooling to the unwanted fat cells sparing the surrounding tissue. These cells breakdown, become metabolized, and are eventually transported out of the system. Results can be seen in as quickly as a few weeks after treatment and are “long-lasting” provided the patient maintains a stable weight. This is a great way to quickly re-shape your body for the holidays, or any day!

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