Red, Brown, Broken Blood Vessels, Uneven Skin Tone…What to do?

The terms “Photofacial” and “Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)” can be used interchangeably. But what does this mean and how can this help my skin look youthful?

Most men and women focus on fine lines and wrinkles when it comes to aging. However, uneven skin tone and the color of your skin can also contribute to the age of your skin. Brown spots, also known as liver spots or sun spots, redness and broken blood vessels make a person appear older or more sun damaged. How can we correct the discoloration of the skin?
A series of laser treatments with Photofacial (IPL) can improve color, tone and texture of the skin. The laser treatment uses the appropriate wavelength to dissolve pigment in the skin while stimulating collagen. There is minimal or no downtime associated with these treatments and minimal discomfort.

The appropriate anti-aging products and sunscreens can help the skin stay looking youthful after a Photofacial or IPL treatment. Paring Skin Medica’s Lytera lightening system with Photofacials, will keep your skin looking better even longer.

Schedule a cosmetic consult with Dr. Deborah Atkin today to find out if a Photofacial/IPL treatment can help the look of your skin and learn about anti-aging topicals that enhance treatment results.

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