Dee’s Experience with Ultherapy

ultherapy-logoWhen I looked in the mirror, it was as if someone had hot glue-gunned pot stickers beneath my eyes. And how in the world did my mother’s jowls attach themselves to my face?

Instead of freaking out, I had a little bitty pity-party, and then went in for Ultherapy with Dr. Atkin. I am a big fan of natural anti aging — with high-tech help. (Not a fan of radical changes, invasive procedures, or long-term healing.)

Armed with Advil (and 50+ years of desire), I was ready. The laser pulses felt like quick, hot, snaps beneath my skin, and were easily tolerated. (I am happy to report that I was more worried about being a big baby, than I actually was.) I wanted the maximum treatment for the best results. It took a little over an hour to do my face and neck–oddly enough, the area above my left eyebrow was most sensitive, go figure, (but again, completely tolerable).

During the first ten days, my face had areas of sensitivity to touch, (and the first few days I think I had some swelling, though hard to tell with those jowls!). Good–I liked knowing that I was healing! No one knew I “did” anything, though I am getting compliments. My skin already feels tighter and firmer, and for the first time ever I’m excited to see my before/after pictures!

Dee D.
Not aging gracefully at 53 years old

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