Three spring cleaning tips for the skin care minimalist

For me, spring signifies new beginnings. The days are longer, the sun seems brighter and the air feels different.

To mark the new season, I dedicate a weekend to spring cleaning of all kinds. This is when the closets and drawers become less cluttered, the drapes thrown open and the windows are cleaned until they gleam. The household rituals are only part of it. This is the perfect time to incorporate a little self care for your skin.

Many of my girlfriends are like me, skin care junkies that slather on every potion, serum, lotion and cream on their counter.


Stimulates collagen synthesis” I need that! “Lightens brown pigmentation” WHY YES! “Hydrates and nourishes” OF COURSE!!!!! Some of these topical recipes are our own trade secrets, far to complicated to repeat without written instructions. For me the payoff is that my 40- something year old skin is smooth and free of visible sun damage.

Even if you are a skin care minimalist, or are new to products and treatments, spring cleaning should be a part of your regimen. Here are three tips to get you started, and keep your skin fresh and healthy!

1. Take a few moments to go through your makeup and skin care products

Toss anything that is smells old or long-expired. Once opened, your products can lose their potency and in some cases bacteria may start to grow. This is important when it comes to sunscreen and anything that is applied close to the eyes. Keep in mind old foundation and concealers can cause acne breakouts.

2. Make sure the basics are covered

If you are a skin care minimalist you should be at least using these three necessities, and this is the perfect time to replenish!

  •  A good facial cleanser. Use one that will lift away daily pollution without drying or dehydrating your skin.
  •  Everyone needs moisturizer! Be sure to select one that is in tune with your skin type, if you have dry or mature skin a more nourishing moisturizer. You may be oily or acne prone, but you still need to moisturize, select one that is oil free and non comedogenic.
  • Sunscreen is a MUST! A physical block sunscreen is the best choice, in my opinion. Physical sunscreens with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide a physical barrier to block the sun’s rays. Chemical sunscreens use active ingredients that absorb UV radiation, preventing them from penetrating the skin. Physical UV filters block from both UVA and UVB rays, buy most chemical UV filters only protect us from one but not both.

If you think you can get yourself to add one or two steps to give your skin a healthy glow and combat aging changes consider adding a Retinol Complex to your regimen at night. This is applied sparingly, no more than one blueberry size amount to the face, after cleansing and before moisturizing. Retinol is a form of vitamin A and when used consistently It will give your skin a healthy boost by minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, and diminish hyperpigmentation (dark spots).


In the morning you can add a topical Vitamin C to your regimen before your sunscreen. Vitamin C has many benefits including;boosting your skins’ natural SPF (sun protection factor) and providing protection against environmental damage. If you are acne prone it can reduce inflammation and help prevent acne scarring.


3. Facials and light exfoliating peels are for everyone!

Even if you are taking the low-maintenance approach to your skin care you should do a little spring cleaning with an Esthetician. A purifying facial with a light chemical exfoliation is great to brighten and freshen up your skin. This will clear away dead skin cells and allow for better penetration of your moisturizer and other products. Your esthetician can also extract any white or black heads to leave you with a clearer, smoother complexion.

These three simple things will help keep your skin happy and healthy for a long time. And Happy, healthy skin is the BEST!

If you would like to schedule a skin care consultation, or purifying acne facial, please contact us.

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