My ThermiSmooth Experience

I have to start by telling you that I REALLY hate the lines around my eyes. I have had dark circles, crepey eyelids and wrinkles under my eyes since I was a kid.

In my 20s, I discovered eye creams and anti aging serums. I would patiently dab a variety of potions and lotions to the fragile skin around my eyes and wait for those imperfections to disappear.

In my 30s, Botox came along and thankfully I was finally able to keep the crows feet at bay!

Once I hit 40,  Restylane came into the picture. I would have Dr. Atkin gently plump under my eyes and just around my brow bone to soften and minimize the lines, and lift my crepey eyelids. Now as I approach 50, I have found a new BFF,  ThermiSmooth®.

ThermiSmooth®  does something for me that none of the lotions, potions or injections ever did before. It gently heats the tissue under and around my eye, as well as the eyelid, to stimulate collagen. This warm rejuvenating treatment reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, as well as lifts the eyelid and brow.

ThermiSmooth® is a radio frequency device. It is not a laser, and will not break the skin, or require any incisions. It is entirely non-invasive with no downtime. After my first treatment I immediately looked better than I did before the treatment! I was able to put my make-up back on and go back to work. There was absolutely no discomfort involved with the treatment. It actually felt like a hot stone massage on my face. I loved it!

Now, I do have to tell you that the immediate and impressive result I saw was inflammation from the heat generated by the radio frequency. The inflammatory response the tissue experiences is what triggers the collagen stimulation. So some of that improvement does go away as you wait for the new collagen to be produced.

The before and after pictures in this blog post show you what one treatment looks like. I have treated my right eye, so  look to the plumpness versus my left eye. I have had 3 treatments, 1 week apart, and plan to do a total of 5. So far I am pleased with my results and loving the smoothness and firmness in my lid skin. I also love the definite improvement in my under eye wrinkles.

Contact Dermatology & Laser of Del Mar for your ThermiSmooth® consult and see what a difference it can make!


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