Introducing the NEW Alex TriVantage Laser

Do you have brown spots, sun damage, unwanted tattoos or birthmarks? Alex TriVantage Laser may be the solution for you. 

A new spin on an established technology, the Alex TriVantage Laser is a safe and effective treatment for brown pigmented lesions and unwanted, unsightly dark tattoos.

Before and after treatment of Lentigos








What sets the Alex TriVantage Laser apart from previous Alex Lazer technology is the ability to vary treatment settings and customize the patient treatment based on their individual needs and desired outcome.  Additionally,  Alex TriVantage is a dual wavelength laser with both a 755 nm and a 1064 YAG laser included. This allows us to treat darker, deeper lesions and darker skin types safer and more efficaciously.

What is the recovery time with the Alex TriVantage Laser?

This will vary based on the condition we are treating, the depth of pigment and the degree of improvement you are looking for. For most lesions there is little-to-no downtime. You will see the lesions turn red, then darken. A fine crust may form that will gradually exfoliate away on its own. 

For tattoo removal, post treatment the area will need to be covered with a bandage and a daily application of antibiotic ointment or barrier repair, such as Aquaphor will need to be applied to the treated area for the first few days. 

Before and after treatment Nevus of Ota birthmark

How many treatments are needed?

For pigmented spots (lentigos and flat keratosis) you will see an improvement after even one treatment. 

For birthmarks, it could take 2-6 treatments with a gradual improvement after each treatment. 

Tattoos are the most time consuming treatment. A tattoo can take 1-8 treatments on average. Depending on the depth and age of the tattoo it could take more. 

How do I  know if I  am a candidate? 

Alex TriVantage Laser is a safe treatment option for just about anyone. Some things that may exclude you from treatment are:

    • If you are actively tan
    • If your tattoo contains iron oxides 
    • If you are taking or have recently taken  isotretinoin (accutane) for any skin conditions.
    • If you have any conditions or are on any medications that cause you to be photosensitive. 

A consultation is the first step. You will be seen in office and a treatment plan can be created for you based on your aesthetic concerns and desired outcome. Dr. Atkin will help you decide the best course of treatment for you and answer all of your questions and concerns. 

To schedule your consultation, contact us. 

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