How To Get Red-Carpet-Ready

Who knew Susan Sarandon was past 60, or Christie Brinkley (a face of Cover Girl) was born in 1954? Of course, looking young in Hollywood is a way of life. What ARE these celebrity secrets for getting red carpet ready? Better yet, how can you and I benefit from what they use and what they know?

Secret #1 Laser, Laser, Laser! As we age, our collagen production slows down making our faces appear thinner and creating laxity. Also, brown spots and redness from years of sun will make your skin appear ruddy and dull. Boosting collagen production and treating the color and texture of the skin is big business in Hollywood. Increasingly celebrities are turning to laser skin resurfacing to boost their collagen level. Fraxel® lasers — currently the most popular laser on the market — are able to penetrate deep within the skin to treat damaged skin. Actress Ellen Barkin is admittedly a huge fan of Fraxel®.

Many celebrities,such as golfer Scott McCarreon use Fraxel® not just as an anti-aging tool, but as a way to combat pre-skin cancers. The Fraxel® Dual System is FDA approved to treat pre-skin cancers improving not only the appearance- but the overall health of your skin!

Before and After Fraxel Re:Store laser resurfacing

Secret #2 Thermage radio-frequency to lift and tighten! “ I do Thermage, a treatment to stimulate collagen….” Linda Evangelista-Vogue Magazine. Linda Evangelista and Ellen Barkin sing the praises of this noninvasive, non-surgical answer to anti-aging. Linda Evangelista thinks of it as maintenance, like hair color or other tricks we all keep in our beauty arsenal. Ellen Barkin tells Vogue and More magazine she favors it over face-lifts, fillers or botox! Thermage is a proven method of tissue tightening where heat, created by radio frequency, safely stimulates new collagen, causing lifting and tightening in the skin.

Thermage cannot only help lift that brow, or redefine that sagging jawline, but when used as an anti-aging tool it can help keep you where you are now in terms of aging! Think about it, if you could look like the best YOU possible now- and still look that way in 10 years, wouldn’t you be happy?!

Secret # 3 Great Skin Care!

Who doesn’t partake in the guilty pleasures of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Marie Claire or New Beauty magazines? These are our “beauty bibles” to see what our favorite celebrities are using for skin care. The truth is while lasers, botox and fillers help you achieve that timeless appearance, great products help you keep it.  Celebrity beauties such as Jennifer Anniston, Bo Derek and the Queen of T.V. talk, Oprah Winfrey sing the praises of SkinMedica Anti-Aging products. TNS Essential Serum, the #1 anti-aging product, is touted in the most popular beauty and style publications for it’s potent growth factors and effective antioxidant peptide serum. Products such as TNS Lip Plump System and TNS Line Refine provide not only a long-term anti-aging benefit, but a quick fix to get yourself ready for your own personal “Red Carpet”!

I hope you have enjoyed learning just a few quick tips to help you look like the best you possible. If you have more questions, or you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Deborah Atkin please contact us below.

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