Is CoolSculpting A Good Choice For Me?

woman-runCoolSculpting is one of my favorite go to fat removal devices, for what I like to consider “skinny fat people” just like me. It’s a great way to shrink the stubborn lower belly fat or “the oh so sexy” love handles. Each CoolSculpting treatment can reduce the treated area by about 30 percent. If you are unsure what that looks like, look at the area of concern (ex: lower belly), grab the fat you wish to remove, as if you are almost pinching it, and think of 30 percent less fat there. Now you may be happy with the result you attain with one treatment, or you may think you can use another one. Although it will not give you the exact results a liposuction treatment will give you, it is the next best option with NO DOWNTIME.

How does the treatment take place?

Each area treated will take one hour, example love handles are two hours total, one hour each handle. The machine has a hand piece that suctions the fat, although it sounds uncomfortable, it’s relatively painless.






How does it feel?

The most uncomfortable part of the treatment is the first 5-10 minutes, after that the treatment area will become numb and you will just feel a little pressure and a tugging sensation. It’s important to keep in mind each person has a different level of tolerance, so some patients feel nothing, others a slight discomfort or mild ache.

Will there be any recovery?

Recovery after the procedure is a breeze. The area treated can have some numbness for up to a month and there may be a little bruising. This is very common and normal. There are times where patients feel sensitive in the area, and sometimes bloated or crampy- this is most common in the abdomen, but is tolerable with comfort measures such as; Tylenol or a heating pad.

Is CoolSculpting a good choice for me?

My personal experience with this machine has been nothing but perfect! I have gotten the results I wanted with no pain or downtime. In my case, CoolSculpting was a great way to jump-start a healthy life. I see the cumulative results when I slip into my jeans.

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